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Minimum joining age is 18. Anyone wishing to join must submit a membership application to the Secretary, via email for submission to the selection committee prior to approval. 

Membership is annual, starting from November 1.  You can join at any time (if a vacancy exists) and you have been approved by the selection committee, with the rally fee component calculated on a pro rata basis.

The fee covers 12 rallies a year, a newsletter, and includes affiliation with the HRCAV as well as the HRCAV's compulsory insurance which is an annual fee and not available pro-rata if you commence after 1 November. (That cost is set by the HRCAV).

**No Insurance, no Ride**       **  Membership is non refundable **

Membership options 2016 - 17: 

  • Full club membership.  Fee will be $265 with a $20 Joining Fee for new members.  This type of membership entitles you to attend the rallies held on the first Saturday of each month.  The number of full memberships will be capped at 60.
  •  Associate club membership.  Fee will be $180 with a $20 Joining Fee for new members.  With this type of membership you are able to attend clinics and compete in HRCAV events as a member of Doongala ARC, but WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RIDE at rallies held on the first Saturday of each month, although you are welcome to come along unmounted. The number of associate memberships will not be capped.  Associate members wishing to take up full membership in the future can apply to the selection committee.

With both types of membership you will get:

  • A DARC monthly newsletter via email.
  • HRCAV affiliation and insurance
  • The opportunity to compete as a DARC member in HRCAV competition
  • Use of the Doongala Pony Club grounds when there are NO events or rallies run by either DPC or DARC.
  • The opportunity to participate in clinics organized by DARC which need to be pre-booked and paid.
  • The opportunity to organize your own private lessons at the club grounds. Your instructor must have their own insurance and you will need to register your instructor with the DPC for insurance purposes.
  • The opportunity to compete in HRCAV Top Team Trophy events.  However if the number of teams is restricted, priority will be given to club members who have full membership.

With BOTH TYPES of club membership you have responsibilities.   

  • If using the club grounds you must wear a safety helmet and footwear.
  • Clean up your horse’s manure from the arena, gravel area in the car park and from the yards.
  • Lock the gate when you leave the club grounds.
  • Contribute your time to help with the running of the events, or working bees organized by the club.  Failure to be a contributing club member will jeopardize your future club membership.

Affiliation with the HRCAV entitles you to compete in a range of activities as long as you produce a valid club membership card and a grading card with your horse's details for each discipline. You don't have to compete in everything, or anything for that matter. However, if you plan to compete on more than one horse more cards will be needed.

The membership card is validated for the year (ie., stamped and signed by the club secretary or treasurer) and is proof of HRCAV membership.

A full copy of the insurance policy is held by the club secretary or it is available from the HRCAV. Very briefly, it provides public liability cover and covers you while attending rallies and official HRCAV competitions.

You may also wish to subscribe to the HRCAV’s official magazine, Chaff Chat, published each month with details of competitions, changes to rules, other clubs’ activities and so on. Annual subscription is $54.

Please email  if you would like to join our club. 

Anyone wishing to renew or join must submit a full membership application or associate membership application plus Disclaimer Statement, Medical Form and payment advice to the Secretary, via email for submission to the selection committee for approval. Click her for further joining information.


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